Of all the weird and offbeat gaming series that Nintendo has created over the years, Rhythm Heaven is easily one of my favorites. In Japan, it’s much more popular than it is here. Heck, I’ve played Rhythm Heaven entries in arcades there.

Here? We get some of the games. In particular, we’ve had two. Rhythm Heaven hit the Nintendo DS several years back, and then we received Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii. I loved them both.

Now, the Nintendo 3DS in Japan is getting Rhythm Heaven: The Best+, a massive collection of 70 previous games mashed up with at least 30 extra new ones for a “best of” feel. It’s hitting Japan on June 11th, and I need it in my life.

The game also features a cooperative mode for up to four players, and I imagine that will take the rhythm to new heights.

Obviously we have no word regarding an international release for this one yet. These games don’t need much in the way of translation, though, so here’s hoping Nintendo makes the easy port so that we can play it abroad.

Or, you know, how great would it be if the 3DS wasn’t region locked? Games like this one are why I wish that wasn’t the case.