Rhythm Heaven

Get ready for more ammunition, region-locking victims! We didn't see the segment here in the States, but the Japanese Nintendo Direct yesterday announced a new Rhythm Heaven game coming to the Nintendo 3DS. So far, it has only been announced for Japan, finding itself locked behind the "region wall" alongside Dragon Quest VII and The Legend of Legacy.

This 3DS Rhythm Heaven will feature 70 mini-games from all three of the previous entries in the series, and it will add 30 more of its own to make this the meatiest version to date! Just remember, along with the new mini-games comes some excellent new tunes to beat your head to.

No word yet on an American release. We never were able to secure a localization for the original on the Game Boy Advance, but we didn't really have to considering there is zero language barrier and the Game Boy Advance was region-free!

I know, right? Remember those days? Rhythm Heaven will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this summer, 2015.