Rez fans have been playing the same five levels and the same soundtrack for 16 years now. We still love every bit of it, too. But when Tetsyua Mizuguchi revealed at PlayStation Experience 2015 that not only is Rez heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, but it's also getting a new level, we all collectively freaked out. Until now, we've seen a second or so of footage of this new zone, Area X. On Tuesday, Enhance Games released a trailer revealing the new area and some of the music within.

Now I'm wishing the whole game had been remastered. Area X is gorgeous. The preview here retains the neon wireframe look of the original levels, but it brings the concept into the modern age with smoother imagery and some great-looking particle effects. Area X, unlike the other stages, is not on rails. You can move around in it freely – in other words, the level was designed with VR in mind, though that's not required to play it.

And then there's that new song.

Whether I end up playing it as vanilla Rez or somehow get my hands on a PlayStation VR, it looks like Mizuguchi and his team still have the touch.

Rez Infinite hits PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on October 13.