Charles Cecil and his development team Revolution Software are tired of remastering all their older Broken Sword titles and are more than ready to get the gears in motion on creating a new one. Only, they're gonna need your help to do it.

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, the fifth in the entry in the long running point-and-click adventure series, has been revealed by Revolution Software through a Kickstarter campaign, like just about all games these days it seems. Two days after their plea to the fans launched, the team is already promised a whopping $170,000. The long running point-and-click adventure series has always been held in high regard with the graphic adventure crowd, one of the more overly passionate groups on the internet, so the quick burst of funding comes at no surprise.

Along with the announcement, Revolution Studios has released a teaser trailer showing off the basics of their upcoming game, a simple caper of art theft and murder in Broken Sword's preferred setting, romantic Paris. The graphical style falls more in line Monkey Island HD remakes, but the high resolution artwork does not nearly come off as cheap or lifeless. Still, the new character looks lack the charm of the sprites created by SCUMM and its contemporaries.

28 days remain in Revolution Studio's pitch, and they still have $230,000 to go. Head on over and check out the bonuses and continue to support the resurgence of the point-and-click adventure.

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