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Toast Covers REVIEW and Giveaway: Toast It’s Not Just For Bread

by Roy Choi | March 3, 2013March 3, 2013 12:30 pm PDT


Toast makes back covers for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini) and the Galaxy SIII. We were intrigued because the covers are made of a wood veneer with some fancy (they also have plain ones with no design) designs burned on to the back of the panel, hence the name Toast.

Toast is a company based out of Portland, Oregon that began as a Kickstarter project, by owner Matias Brecher. Their initial goal was backed by 300 backers and is now a full-fledged company.


You can select from the numerous designs that Toast offers, in one of three North American hardwood types (Walnut, Ash, and Bamboo). Personally, I was drawn to the darker tone of the walnut wood. The folks at Toast sent us iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5 covers to try out and I have to admit, I am thoroughly impressed. I initially had some concerns: I thought I’d get a splinters from carrying this around, that the wood cover would be too bulky, the adhesive would fall apart, the adhesive would stick to the device and I’d never be able to get it off, or the covers would be ugly.

All of my fears were put to rest after trying the Toast covers for a week.


First and foremost, Toast products are not cases that cover the entire device, rather it is a cover for the back panel (and depending on the device, the sides as well). Toast has designed products in mind to use with other protective coverings (e.g., smart covers and bumpers). Toast has a team of artists and designers that churn out up to 300 iPhone or 100 iPad covers a day.


We were able to acquire a few custom-made covers, with the TechnoBuffalo logo laser etched into the walnut wood cover. You too can get custom covers made for your device. They are beautiful. I think the greatest compliment, from numerous people, was that it looks like it “belongs” on the phone. I’ve used the covers for just under two months now and I have to say it is holding up really well and looks as beautiful as it did the first day.

So if you’re looking for a stellar looking device cover with a natural look and feel, Toast has got you, um… Covered!

iPhone and Galaxy SIII covers start at $25, iPad mini covers start at $35, iPad covers start at $45,

And our friends at Toast are giving away a bunch of covers for our fans.

iPhone and Galaxy SIII covers start at $25, iPad mini covers start at $35, iPad covers start at $45,


And our friends at Toast are giving away a bunch of covers for our fans.

  • 1-iPad (2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen) walnut case – no design
  • 1-iPad Mini Bamboo case – Skull and Crossbones design
  • 1-iPhone 5 Walnut case – Bird on a Branch design
  • 1-iPhone 5 Ash case – Squid Design

This giveaway is open to only those in the U.S.  To enter, all you need to do is leave one (1) comment per day on this post through 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, March 10, 2013.  More than one comment per day will result in disqualification.  We do ask, however, that you login with either Facebook or Twitter so we have a way of communicating with you should you win.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected and have been notified. Check your Twitter or Facebook in boxes (under other).

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