HTC Titan II REVIEW (video) – Big Phone, Big Camera

I loved using the old Titan. It was big and beautiful, and helped develop my love of massive screens. Best of all, it convinced me that Windows Phone has a chance. There have been a lot of great handsets since the first Titan launched, however — Galaxy Note, HTC One X, Lumia 900 — meaning the Titan II is going up against a lot of big-name competition. Now that I’ve spent time with the sequel — five months removed from the original, mind you — is it enough to stand out from the crowd?

Overall, the follow up is still big and beautiful, made even more so but its humungo 16-megapixel camera and blazing fast LTE. It’s wonderfully designed — like its predecessor — without feeling overly big, and performed well despite the limitations of Windows Phone. But at $200, AT&T customers might have a tough time justifying the Titan II’s price when a handset like the Lumia 900 exists for so cheap.

To get a more comprehensive look at the Titan II, check out our video review above, and let us know what device you decide to go with.

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Rating - Mobile - 6

Jon Rettinger

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