wet11Some games offer non-stop action with minimal use of gratuitous blood and violence to stimulate your hidden homicidal tendencies. This isn't one of those games. Wet is a third person style action shooter (or slasher) modeled in a similar style to the popular cult classic Kill Bill. You play a vivacious yet vicious female character wielding a samurai sword and assorted assault weapons (don't all women carry these?) bent on a quest to, well, there really is no quest. She just slashes her way through each level killing various goons and thugs along the way, rebuilding her health by downing entire bottles of whisky – reminds me of my last girlfriend.

The opening scene in the game places your character, Rubi, in a dinner party decked out with a long table furnished with champagne glasses, fine china, and a huge ice sculpture – all of which you smash your way through by gliding across the table in surreal slow motion. From there you begin your mission, Kill Bill style, hellbent on a quest to vengeance to slaughter every member of the criminal underworld with whom you have an axe to grind. You'll make them pay. All of them.

Wet makes use of unique cinematography and camera motion effects reminiscent to the Matrix. You know what I'm referring to – the over-used slow-mo rotating camera trick where Neo is dodging bullets from Agent Smith's gun. That sort of thing. It's definitely cool, but after a while it becomes almost irritating and even removes some of aspects that otherwise provide a challenging experience. Hint: Slow motion fight scenes make it all too easy to shoot bad guys if they're moving as if on an acid trip. Although, that said, Rubi has some unique weapon skills that a whole new level of gaming. She can manipulate two weapons at one time and engage multiple targets. And with the help of auto-aim you can shoot the head off of one villain using your pistol while removing the liver of another with your sword. That's talent.


Level design is very good, as is too the way in which Rubi interacts with and navigates her way through each. At times the game feels like a trip in the wayback machine, hearkening back to Tomb Raider, as Rubi, jumps, swims, and climbs her way through each level, Lara Croft style. The environment feels dark and grimy in terms of color and design. Each level is interspersed with Arena style combat areas where Rubi must face off against entire squads of trigger happy thugs, with no way out until combat action has completed – meaning you have to kill ALL the bad guys before you can progress further.


Overall Wet is a pretty decent game – one that is solidly deserving of an above average rating. It may lack the overall glamor and street cred of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it's a solid game that offers challenging levels and loads of entertainment. And lets be honest – blowing the heads off of bad guys is always fun no matter what the game. Even if it is done at the hands of a wild woman wielding a samurai sword.

3.5 out of 5

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