Have you ever wanted to find, invite and confirm dance dates?  Do you want a place to create a full, extensive dance itinerary and plan couples?  Do you just wish you could see all the pictures everyone took of you in one, easy to navigate place?

MySchoolDance allows high school students to interact, communicate and plan their dances with ease and effectiveness.  Users can organize group dates within the Facebook platform and allows everyone to interact with each other and connect with friends online.

Is it worth the effort?  Will it lock in the ultimate dance of the year and create lifetime memories?  TechnoBuffalo takes a close up look and gives you the bottom line.


  1. MySchoolDance encourages more socializing between teens and allows a chance for teens to meet new friends that one wouldn't find through school
  2. It allows everyone to connect to a school dance and to collaborate with friends on themes, dates, times and more.
  3. It ensures that everyone is on the same page with location, time, theme, what to wear and makes sure that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Users can see all the dates for all the upcoming dances at the school and the tool can be used to RSVP users and plan for the correct amount of people going to the dance.
  5. It allows everyone to vote for the king/queen of the dance and ensures that everyone has a voice in the decision process!
  6. MySchoolDance allows you to plan custom groups, chat, invite everyone so no one misses out on a good dance and is sitting alone on a Friday night!
  7. You can plan dinner plans, transportation and set how much it all costs to the participants.
  8. Best of all, after the great dance of the century, you can revisit all the memories and see all the pictures in one, easy to find place; a picture can really speak a thousand words, or memories in this case.


  1. Privacy may be a concern to users.  Some may not want their dances known to the world.  This can lead to unwanted people attending, some may just want to keep their dance exclusive and off the internet.
  2. Some may not want others to see who is going with who to the dance and may come across as an intrusion of privacy.
  3. After the dance, some may not want their pictures visible to everyone.  They may be embarrassing and potential employers, teachers and more can see the regretted shots.


Many users claim that the application is a very useful concept and that it is great for those who want to be creative with their ideas.

If you don't mind sharing your information online to the world, you should definitely check out this option to plan your school dance.  It allows for great interaction between everyone and the groups allows for easy itinerary planning.  It is definitely worth a try if you're planning an upcoming dance.

The California-based software creators did a great job designing this application and for those wanting to try this out, you can find MySchoolDance in the Facebook Application Directory.