Atlus picking up the opportunity to localize FuRyu’s The Legend of Legacy was like Christmas, my birthday, and Oktoberfest all coming early this year. The little known JRPG seemed destined to become the future envy of English speaking JRPG enthusiasts, but with the help of North America’s most beloved localizer, we’ll be playing The Legend of Legacy on Oct. 13.

To get the ball rolling, Atlus has released the first of probably three or four character trailers highlighting the game’s seven protagonists. That’s the power of math guessing here. Players will start with a choice of three characters and proceed through the story with that set party. Needless to say, it’s best to know your options before storming in.

Meurs and Bianca are up first. Atlus has provided a full description of that as well.


A young girl with long, ice-blonde hair, Bianca awakens on Avalon with no memory of how she got there. Or anything else for that matter. She is a mild and gentle girl who despite her unfortunate circumstances and loss of memory remains optimistic. Bianca senses that the answers to her memory loss lie deep within the island, and she is determined to recover her identity.

Bianca’s base stats imply that she is well suited for a support class. She has affinities for wind and fire elements, and prefers to use short swords, axes, spears, and bows in combat.


One of the few remaining elementalists alive. The elements have been gathering to Avalon for unknown reasons, and Meurs is determined to find out why they’ve been so attracted to the island. He communicates with the elements and travels the earth with the spirits as his guide.

Meurs also makes for a strong support ally in battle and prefers short swords with a shield. He has a strong affinity for the wind element.

The Legend of Legacy will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 13. See sketches of the full cast below.