rethink-digg-layoutDigg is being reworked from the ground up. The social sharing website, which recently sold for a paltry sum of $500,000, announced that instead of disappearing into obscurity, it would be reborn in six weeks. And if the images shared on Monday are any indication of what we can expect, the new initiative just might recapture Digg's glory days.

Shared by RethinkDigg, the project's main focus is to deliver "the best of what the Internet is talking about right now." That means presenting information in the most elegant and simplistic, image-friendly way. Best of all, there will be absolutely zero ads when Digg relaunches later this week.

"We are doing away with "Newsroom," we are killing the "Newsbar" (aka "Diggbar"), and we are reverting "Newswire" back to its original name, Upcoming," RethinkDigg wrote on its website. "Digg v1 pivots around three views: Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming."

When the new site launches, there won't be a commenting system. Instead, Digg will allow conversations to take place elsewhere — Twitter, Facebook, etc. — while it figures out a way to introduce and support its own commenting platform. "In the coming weeks we will conduct a few experiments in commenting that will inform more permanent features," RethinkDigg explained.

The new Digg is clearly distinguishing itself from competing platforms, such as Reddit, which predominantly uses a list-style of headlines. The progress looks and sounds promising, and we'll know as early as this week whether Digg's six week experiment was effort well spent.

[via RethinkDigg]