There's nothing more frustrating than staring at your laptop, waiting for a webpage to load or a file to save — and it's taking forever. Any number of factors can make your computer slow down over time…but you can get your PC or laptop back to its prime with a Windows Care Genius Pro subscription, which you can pick up for $24.99 (56% off) from the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Windows Care is a one-stop service station for your computer, packing 22 tricked-out clean-up options to wipe away hard drive errors, data corruption, resource-sucking background processes…all of it.

Once you run Windows Care and straighten out your system's registry, you'll see your computer's performance speeds soar back to how you remember it best. End all the non-stop freezes and crashes once and for all…it'll probably put off your decision to buy a new computer by months, if not years.

Right now, you can score a one-year subscription to Windows Care Genius Pro services for more than half off its regular price — $24.99 for a limited time (a regular $57 value).