Are you enjoying your new Samsung Galaxy S III? I'm sure you are. But if you're a little clumsy, there's a good chance it won't last the length of your 24-month contract. In fact, it might be a good idea to return it and pick up an iPhone 4S instead.

Warranty provider SquareTrade put both devices through a number of drop tests and found that as wonderful as Samsung's new flagship handset is, it's not quite as durable as Apple's latest iPhone — which is a little surprising considering it's made out of plastic and not glass.

There were three tests in total: The first was a simple drop from shoulder-height, and the second was a toss into the air by children. The third saw both devices left on the trunk of a car before it quickly pulled away.

The iPhone faired best in two out of three tests. In the first, it had a few scuffs along its side, while in the second test — which was the worst for the iPhone — its back panel shattered, but its front remained intact. In the third, the iPhone survived with only a few minor scuffs to its corners.

The Galaxy S III on the other hand really took a beating. In the first test, its screen cracked from top to bottom, while in the second it did surprisingly well — surviving with just a few scratches. Though its back panel and battery did fall out. In the third, however, the entire front panel shattered into little pieces, rendering the handset unusable.

Of course, this tests aren't too scientific, but they are quite interesting. If they teach us one thing, it's that whichever smartphone you buy, you should probably protect it with a decent case before it's too late.

[via SquareTrade]