The original Retro City Rampage, AKA 8-bit Grand Theft Auto, has been available for three years now, and developer VBlank is finally following up on it with a full-fledged sequel titled Shakedown Hawaii.

I’m getting a real tropical, almost Vice City vibe from the teaser trailer, which I guess is the point. Hawaii Shakedown also tosses aside the 8-bit aesthetic and evolves with a look that throws back to the 16-bit era of gaming.

Shakedown Hawaii brings the Vblank open world universe into the 16-bit era, powered up with destructible environments and an arsenal of supercharged weapons. Taking place some thirty years after the events of Retro City Rampage, the game follows The Player as he comes out of early retirement to rebuild his neglected corporate empire.

The Rockstar love going on here is off the charts as well with the clever reveal image being a fun throwback to Max Payne 3’s reveal. Shakedown Hawaii has nothing big to show just yet, but it will be available at the PlayStation Experience on Dec.5 and 6.

It has been announced for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and PC.