When Apple announced the all-new Retina MacBook in March, the company said the notebook would begin shipping from Apple’s online stores, retail outlets and from Apple’s Authorized resellers on April 10. That’s not exactly what’s happening on April 10 (today), however.

Apple’s website allows you to place an order and says it will ship between one and three business days. However, TechnoBuffalo was alerted that a unit we ordered won’t ship to a local store until sometime between April 16 and April 20. In an effort to avoid that shipping time, we also called a few stores around Manhattan.

As of Thursday night, two stores had told us that there would be stock beginning today. Follow-up calls this morning to a total of three stores revealed that none of them actually had stock. Worse, one store told us that it wasn’t expecting availability until April 24. “The same day the Apple Watch launches,” we were told. We’re not sure how true that is, but that’s what we were told.

A writer for MacGasm, who appears to have talked to Apple Support, ran into the same issue. “At this point and time the MacBook is only available for ship to store or online purchase.”

It’s a bit of a bummer, considering Apple suggests that the laptop would be available Friday or, at the very least, ship on Friday. You’ll have an even longer wait if you want the gold or an upgraded model, too.