GG2013 - iMac 27 - Hero

Several outlets have suggested that Apple is gearing up to launch a Retina iMac with a 5K display by the end of this year. 9to5Mac on Monday said it has learned that Apple is in the "late testing" stages of its new Retina iMac and that it will launch running OS X Yosemite and sport improved Wi-Fi and faster processors when it hits the market. It will likely join Apple's existing non-Retina iMac computers instead of replacing them outright.

9to5Mac didn't say what screen size is in testing but pointed to an earlier report that suggests Apple is targeting the 27-inch model for a 5K upgrade. The resolution is still up for debate, but Apple has been testing support for several super high-resolution screens in OS X Yosemite ranging from 4096 x 2034 up to 6400 x 3600-pixels.

Apple will also reportedly launch new software with support for 4K video resolutions, including updated versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie, 9to5Mac said. The news outlet didn't say when exactly Apple will launch the new Retina iMac, but suggests that with new A8-powered iPads on the horizon, it could be just a matter of weeks from now.