TV Retina Display

If you're finding 1080p televisions not looking as sharp as they once did, there may be hope on the way for you of an even higher resolution.

We've been hearing more and more about IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display screens, but it seems that now television manufacturers are taking a liking to the technology to up their product resolutions.  In an interview with Technology Review, Applied Materials talked about how it has come up with the tools to produce screens of the necessary size for television sets.  The new systems went on sale this week, and while the company did not want to name who had purchased them, a company spokesperson did say that five manufacturers had purchased them. According to Wall St. Cheat Sheet, Applied Materials is known to work with Samsung, Sharp and LG.

Thanks to the IGZO technology, it would be possible to fit four times the amount of resolution on to a television screen compared to what we currently see on a 1080p display.  This is intriguing, and how the "retina display" term that Apple loves so dearly comes into play.  There was a report earlier this month that Apple is looking into the IGZO technology, and DisplaySearch analyst Charles Annis has said that Apple may already be evaluating panels. "We believe IGZO-based LCDs from Sharp are currently being evaluated by Apple, and they have a good chance of being adopted this year," he said.

Even if these displays don't appear on the often rumored Apple television set, it does seem like there are some IGZO-based screens coming our way in the not so distant future, and that has to make one wonder if we're going to have a whole new round of home entertainment technology to buy.  And what about Blu-ray?  Will those discs need to be upped as well?  Suddenly this feels like a really bad idea.

Are you ready for a higher resolution television display?

[via Technology Review]