You'll soon be able to squelch any thought of a Rebel Alliance with Lego's newest building kit. It's a 4,784-piece Imperial Star Destroyer, and it's awesome. Of course, you will be paying a pretty penny for it, too. When the Devastator releases October 1, it will cost $699.99 through Lego stores and It may be sold at other retailers eventually, but for right now you can only find it from official Lego sources.

If Star Wars doesn't spark the kid in you, then maybe Lego's new Disney Train and Station will. It's a 2,925-piece kit that's available right now at and through Lego stores. This kit has five unique Lego Disney minifigures, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale, and Goofy. The main section is an iconic station building, but it also has 16 curved and 4 straight pieces of track along with the locomotive, passenger car, parlor car, and tender.

New Hope

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer and Disney Train and Station

Squelch the Rebel Alliance with Lego's newest building kit. It's a 4,784-piece Imperial Star Destroyer. It releases October 1 for $699.99. Or go for the Disney Train and Station for $329.99 now. It has a working train and five Disney minifigs.

Starts at $329.99

The train isn't just for looks either. The tender includes a Lego Powered Up Hub and Train Motor. You can control the whole thing via Bluetooth using Lego's Powered Up app. And all the Disney minifigs can fit inside the passenger car for a lap or two. Of course, there's also plenty to do in the station that includes a ticket counter, cafe corner, balcony, and more.

The Imperial Star Destroyer isn't Lego's first foray into galactic conquest, you know. The newer movies in the franchise feature a First Order Star Destroyer Lego has already taken a crack at. Or the original Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer can be found for around $300 on Amazon, but that version is only about 1,400 pieces. So the detail on this new one far surpasses what that was capable of.

The new vessel of destruction includes swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts, and more. There's even a scale version of the Tantive IV Rebel starship, which I'm pretty confident is not going to escape you this time. You'll get minifigures that include an Imperial Offier and Imperial Crewmember. If you'd rather show off your awesome new kit, you can use the included display stand and informational plaque.

Even with how massive the Star Destroyer is, it still pales in comparison to the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon Lego came out with a couple years ago. Really the only sensible thing to do is buy both, build both, then pit them against each other in a battle for the galaxy.

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