For starters, and to refresh those that may have forgotten entirely, Respawn Entertainment is the company that was born out of Vince Zampella and Jason West’s (and a large chunk of staff) departure from Infinity Ward and Activision. West and Zampella are largely credited for being the driving minds behind the Call of Duty franchise and the pivotal Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

What you see at the head of this post is a teaser image for Respawn’s brand new IP. It’s the second image, in fact, as we posted the first (less?) blurry image a few months back. Beyond these two teases, fans and gamers don’t have much at all to go on regarding the upcoming title.

We do know, however, that Respawn Entertainment will be working with EA to get this title published. They’re one of the many studios going through the EA Partners program; the big publisher helps independent, third-party developers get their games out to the masses. Given the pedigree of West, Zampella and the team at Respawn, EA‘s probably made a wise decision in backing this new project.

As for the teaser image itself? Obviously, the blurry pic we’re staring at is no different from the one you can see for yourselves. Random guessing based on what’s in front of us would suggest that we see two or three figures in the foreground, a few machines or ruined buildings in the mid-ground and what looks to be either a massive mushroom cloud or a crazy tree in the distance.

What do you see? Something similar, or are we way off?

As more comes from Respawn Entertainment’s first IP, we’ll be on it. Until then, let’s just keep guessing randomly at what they’re making…one of us is bound to be right. Our money is on a third person tactical wood elf cooking game.

[via Respawn Entertainment]