Resogun, my friends, is beautiful.

If you own a PlayStation 4, it's also free. There was a free month of PlayStation Plus access in the pile of stuff packed away in your PlayStation 4's box. Resogun, normally $14.99, is free to PS Plus members right now.

Thank goodness for that, because this inspired little title might have otherwise been completely overlooked next to big budget, well-marketed, heavy-hitters like Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4.

Resogun, I'll go ahead and say it, is the best game on the PlayStation 4 right now.

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Save The Humans

Resogun is what's called a Bullet Hell Shooter, mostly. You'll pilot a craft on the outside of a cylinder (that's this game's plane of play, and one of its unique aspects) as you dodge a ton of bullets, explosions and enemies and blast your way to victory.

Each level has humans trapped in cubes around the cylinder. When certain enemies appear on screen, you'll have to shoot through them in order to release humans one at a time. Humans fall to the ground, you pick them up and bring them to an extraction point. Doing so yields points, shields, bombs and extra lives.

The object of the game, though, is not to save humans. In fact, you can ignore the humans entirely and simply focus on survival and reaching each level's boss. The bosses are all unique and present a ramping set of challenges that will test your SHMUP mettle on even the easiest difficulty.

The game can be played with separate ships that, in typical SHMUP fashion, feature unique mechanics, bombs, specials and handling. Certain ships are good for certain levels, and that adds an extra layer of strategy for this easy to learn, tough to master title.

Resogun is a super simple SHMUP. Much in the vein of Super Stardust or Geometry Wars, it's about blasting away at enemies while dodging the world and enjoying crazy particle effects.

Managing Addiction

Resogun - 1

It probably won't be until you take a break from Resogun that you'll notice exactly how good it is. Having installed on your PlayStation 4 means it's only a few button presses away at all times, and that translates to a lot of gaming sessions that wind up turning into strictly Resogun sessions.

That's right, even in the midst of reviewing Knack, Contrast and Killzone: Shadowfall, I found myself taking frequent breaks in order to play Resogun. Even in small doses, this enigmatic little shooter was the pick me up I needed to keep pushing through other campaigns.

That's the sign of a great game. I couldn't walk away from it for long. I'm addicted to Resogun. I'm playing a whole host of games spread over tons of genres and budget sizes, and I keep returning to the simplistic shooter with its incredibly satisfying gameplay and basic premise.

That's why I so easily label this one as the best title in the launch lineup of PlayStation 4 efforts.

Resogun - 3


If you haven't played Resogun yet and you call yourself a PlayStation 4 owner, it's time to download it, install it and get dodging, shooting and freaking out.

Resogun is a gem. Simplistic mechanics, a great look, tons of particle effects and truly satisfying gameplay make it an addictive little package that you'll want dripped into your system on a daily basis.

Hats off to Sony for including it in the Instant Game Collection for the PS4. Many gamers would have otherwise skipped out on this game, myself included. That would have been a darn shame.

Perhaps the only thing keeping Resogun from scoring a little higher is the limited amount of content in the package. It's hard to complain when a title is free, but non-PS Plus users will pay $15 for a rather short experience.

That aside, if you haven't played Resogun yet and you call yourself a PlayStation 4 owner, it's time to download it, install it and get dodging, shooting and freaking out. This one is a blast.

We picked up Resogun free using PlayStation Plus on the PS4. We played through each of the stages several times with multiple craft before starting this review.

4 out of 5