The PlayStation Vita will see its catalogue of shooters grow by at least one before summer steps into full swing. Resistance: Burning Skies is one of Sony's first licensed shooters to debut for their brand new handheld.

At the end of the story-based scenes shown off in the trailer above, we catch a glimpse of gameplay for Burning Skies. Resistance fans will probably have noted that within the clips of gameplay were a few new weapons and a new Chimeran baddy.

Resistance: Burning Skies, if you didn't already know, is not being developed by Insomniac Games. Insomniac said that they were completely finished with the Resistance franchise after their tremendous effort with Resistance 3. Nihilistic Software has been put in charge of Burning Skies. That small studio is responsible for games like PlayStation Move Heroes and Conan.

Admittedly, their pedigree of games isn't that awesome. However, given the time with a franchise like Resistance and based on the trailer at the head of this post, we're ready to give Nihilistic a fair shake. We'll be checking out Resistance: Burning Skies when it drops for the PlayStation Vita on May 29th of this year.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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