I mean, what exactly is going on in this gameplay footage? We know that Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster will come with a brand new Wesker Mode, swapping out the usual protagonist Billy for the franchise’s leading villain Wesker, but does he have to look like such a goofball? I mean, who runs like that?

Wesker isn’t like your normal Resident Evil characters. He’s not prone to stupid mundane problems like running out of ammo or clumsily dodging zombies in tight hallways. He’s a wrecking ball of super powers. He discharges energy from his eyes. He dashes through the hallway like a sporadic maniac. He bowls over zombies with a wave of his hand. He’s not a human Resident Evil character…

He’s Dante! If ever you wondered what Devil May Cry’s protagonist would have looked like had Capcom kept him the star of Resident Evil 4, Wesker is probably the closest we’ll ever get to that representation.

It’s very obvious that the original game was not created with this move-set in mind either. The fixed camera angles have trouble keeping up with Wesker’s lighting fast speed, and bosses can barely even get a clean hit in on him. Of course, the whole purpose of Wesker Mode is to be silly and fun, and looking at it with a serious mindset means you’re doing it wrong!

It’s just one of the many extras that are shaping this game up to be a really exciting package. Wesker Mode plus the death of Resident Evil’s dreaded tank controls might finally make this forgotten chapter playable and enjoyable for the first time!

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster launches for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 19.