Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is a 100 percent online experience that still somehow fits into the game’s lore. Speaking with GameSpot, producers Masachika Kawata and James Vance confirmed where the game lands in its canon and the unique multiplayer spin it brings to the franchise.

Apparently, the game takes place after the events of Resident Evil 6, meaning Umbrella has already been destroyed and the world is in ruin. But here we are, controlling Umbrella forces and sweeping the streets and underground facilities of zombies.

Umbrella Corps is set in the present day of Resident Evil, which means it’s after the events of Resident Evil 6. It’s almost in an ironic way that we’re using the title Umbrella Corps. If you know your Resident Evil lore, Umbrella no longer exists at this time in the universe; it’s been destroyed. There’s definitely a kind of a background of the Resident Evil universe that forms the basis of the game’s premise.

“Ironic” is the word Capcom is going for, but okay. I can deal with that. Despite being in the canon, though, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps will have no story or plot, meaning that it’s just an eternal cleaning job that will play out in the game’s universe until the end of time, or at least, until Capcom pulls the plugs on the server.

After their fall, there are a multitude of other organizations that are trying to get their hands on that research, or that information, to become the next Umbrella. The mercenaries are hired by these corporations–often times not in a forward-facing manner, it’s all behind the scenes–to go into these areas where some kind of biological terror incident may have occurred to try to extract something with value. In that regard, these areas will tie into the Resident Evil universe quite strongly, and there’s many things that you’ll see there, that we can’t reveal at this time, that have strong Resident Evil hooks.

That’s something I can buy into, a solid setup and good reason to be blasting apart opposing teams in multiplayer.

Kawata and Vance also touch on other subject matters like character progression, potential free-DLC packs, focus on controller rather than keyboard and mouse, and the game being exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the whole interview at GameSpot.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps was a surprising title at Tokyo Game Show 2015. I went hands-on with it and had a fun time with it despite not being huge on multiplayer games. It’s not Resident Evil 7, but my guess is that Capcom will be using this to springboard its development if it already hasn’t begun. It’s a similar situation to Metroid Prime: Federation Forces.