Here’s a positive note from the world of Resident Evil. Capcom has revealed the sales figures for Resident Evil Revelations HD, the best game to come from the series for quite some time, and it has managed to cross one million units over the course of its lifetime.

The statistic includes both digital releases through consoles and PC as well as retail boxes. Capcom Unity currently puts the figure at 1.1 million, claiming the original Nintendo 3DS version did well but not nearly as well as its HD counterpart.

Good for Capcom, too. It had poured so many resources into Resident Evil 6, trying to make it a game for everybody, and it turned out to be a stinker. You can’t force trends on established properties, and you can’t water down what makes your series so great and expect fans to fall in line.

Resident Evil Revelations wasn’t flashy, and it had a meager budget behind it. However, no game has come as close to recreating the classic games in the franchise with the over the shoulder viewpoint popularized by Resident Evil 4. Not explosive. Not silly. Not complex. Just a scary claustrophobic game that manages to be a lot of fun in its subtlety.

Behind the aforementioned masterpiece and PlayStation classic Resident Evil 2, I’d put Revelations as my third favorite game in Capcom’s zombie shooter series. I’m glad that it found an audience in this post Resident Evil 6 world. Check out our thoughts from the review a year ago.