Contrary to the general atmosphere in the air, Resident Evil has not had he worst year of its existence. Resident Evil 6 certainly won't be walking home with any Game of the Year trophies come award season, but its younger portable brother released earlier this year has been popular with fans.

Resident Evil: Revelations was released on the 3DS back in January, and it picked up some decent scores thanks to it being one of the most successful portable interpretations of the popular horror series. While the story was generally cast aside as typical Resident Evil shlock, critics gave it lots of praise for its multiplayer modes and fun gameplay.

Now, the game might be released to a much wider audience. Those who want to enjoy this game without having to pick up Nintendo's handheld have the chance to enjoy it on a home console. The South Korean game ratings board might have spoiled Capcom's surprise by listing it on their website.

I haven't gotten around to picking up a 3DS yet, but this was one of the major selling points. Now that the option exists to play it on my huge television, we'll have to wait and see how this line-up of JRPGs Nintendo is sitting on holds up over the course of next year.

Nothing official has been said by Capcom yet, and it's unknown if it will be a digital release or a fully packaged product. Should it be digitally distributed, the path remains open for Capcom to do the same for E.X. Troopers.

You gotta wonder if this port was thought up of before or after Resident Evil 6′s mixed reception. Between horrible movies and a steady decline in the games' quality, it's amazing how we still consider this one of Japan's banner franchises. Capcom needs to get a strong title out there to fix the aging brand name.

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