Ever since Resident Evil 4, Capcom has been finding new and exciting ways to deliver the franchise’s thrills in quick bursts of time. Mercenaries mode was at the front-and-center of every fan’s brain for a few years, but now it’s all about the Raid Mode. Resident Evil Revelations popularized this RPG spin on Mercenaries, and now its sequel is taking it a step further.

Only it won’t be online, at first.

Why not? Well, because of the game’s episodic nature. Capcom has confirmed that Raid Mode and all of its missions can be played with friends online once the last batch of content is released on a disc in March. Until then, you can go about the game’s exponential number of missions solo or with split-screen co-op.

How many missions are we talking here? Resident Evil Revelations 2 will see four digital releases over the course of a month, and each of them will not only continue the game’s story but also add to the Raid Mode content. The first episode will contain 54 missions over three maps, and episodes 2 and 3 will each add 36 missions to the madness.

Episode 4 will close it all out with 68 missions! Each mission also has three difficulty settings, meaning you’ll be playing Raid Mode for quite a while if you want to see it all.

As seen in the video, character perks extend up to level 92. That’s a whole lot of grinding and shooting you’ll have to perform in the mean time. Capcom’s daily missions also promise bigger rewards, so by the time this thing actually goes online, you might be already decked out with sweet perks and feel ahead of the curb while those who hate digital distribution crawl in at level 1.

Raid Mode is also home to 15 playable characters including protagonists Claire Redfield, Moira Burton, and Barry Burton. Hunk and the villainous Wesker can be picked up with the season pass or in the physical release.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on Feb. 24, and it will be released over a four week period.