Capcom is making all the right moves getting the Resident Evil franchise back on its feet before the inevitable release of Resident Evil 7. I’m not sure which I am more excited to play between the HD remake of the GameCube REmake or the recently leaked Resident Evil Revelations 2.

By all accounts, I would say that the REmake HD remake could end up being the better game. For one, the GameCube version is hands down the scariest in the entire series, and the new control scheme will only make it better. Free from tank controls at last!

Not just in the gameplay department either, mind you. Capcom’s HD facelift perfectly ups the resolution without sacrificing the pale tint that haunts the entire game. The characters still look sickly, like they are going to puke or keel over at any second, and the atmosphere is drenched in an inescapable feeling of dread.

Resident Evil Revelations HD might be my favorite game in the series from the previous generation, but the series definitely peaked during its GameCube years. Between this HD remake and Resident Evil Revelations 2, we might have the first chance in a very long time to contrast and compare Resident Evil‘s old and new approaches between two quality games side-by-side.

It’s a huge difference from comparing them side-by-side in a single, disappointing, overbloated one. Please, make this work Capcom.