Like many things in video games, the original Resident Evil’s voice acting has run the nostalgia gauntlet. It was revolutionary for its time, then it was widely derided and laughed at after going out of style, and now it’s like a comfortable warm blanket, bringing back memories of a simpler time and being endlessly entertaining with a bit of ironic sentimentality.

Mega Man box art, pixel sprites, blocky 3D polygons, and now… bad voice acting. Just in time for the 20 year nostalgia spike as well, a group of modders has released a wonderful new way to treat your eardrums like it’s 1996 all over again. Over at the Resident Evil Modding Forum, fans have retooled the PC release of Resident Evil HD Remaster, keeping the brilliant changes to the graphics but jamming the horrible voice acting into the cutscenes.

The results? Glorious. Barry is just… oh, what a wonderful character. Capcom has done a lot to give him a makeover in the more recent games, but that classic Barry voice is just too perfect.

Go ahead and download the mod through the forum if you own the Resident Evil HD Remaster on PC. If you don’t yet own the game either, you should maybe think about it. It’s still one of the highlights of my 2015 gaming year.

And who knows? Maybe the same modders will work on Resident Evil 2’s classic voice acting once Capcom publishes its upcoming remake as well.