Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster is more than just a pretty face-lift of the classic survival horror original. In addition to the beautiful new graphics, the developers have introduced a whole new set of mechanics that are aimed at making the horrific original more approachable than ever before.

A new second trailer brings all of these improvements to the forefront. Far and away, the most important is the ability to switch between Resident Evil's classic "tank" controls for a smoother set up to today's standards. I was never a fan of the older style, so right from the get-go, the one complaint I've always had is gone.

Capcom also shows off the ability to switch between widescreen and full screen at the press of a button, the Japanese voice acting, new outfits for Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield based on their appearances in Resident Evil 5, and improvements to the "Wesker Reports I and II" mockumentaries.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Resident Evil HD Remaster will be released on Nov. 27 in Japan and will run in 720p. The PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions are set for release in early 2015 with a 1080p resolution. All five are planned to be released together in America in early 2015.