Capcom has always been about alternate costumes within the Resident Evil games. One of the best video game secrets of all time can be found in the opening minutes of Resident Evil 2 when Leon and Claire literally unlock a new set of clothes from a locker in the police station.

The Resident Evil HD Remake will also be home to secret costumes worn by the series’ main protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Both characters appeared in Resident Evil 5 as members of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), and Capcom is making their more militaristic uniforms from that game wearable in this remake as well.

Fans were asked to take part in a viral advertising campaign to spread the word about this remake, and this was their reward for completing the goals set by Capcom.

It’s a nice little addition, but I’m hoping that Capcom can come up with a really smart way of unlocking them. Resident Evil 2 had several very specific moves that needed to be made in order to find the locker key, and one mistake could mess the whole operation up. Let these gamers earn their rewards with some tough problem solving and maneuvering, not just a simple option in a menu like some throwaway DLC content.

Man, I sure do miss the days of exciting secrets, don’t you?