You thought it was over, didn't you? Resident Evil: The Final Chapter wrapped everything up, and the world could finally move on from Paul WS Anderson's vision of a future overrun by zombies and evil corporate empires, right? Of course not! The timing is just right to enter the familiar zone of reboots!

Constantin Film CEO Martin Moszkowicz confirmed with Variety at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend that his company, the same which made the first six movies, still owned the film rights and recently secured the license to make six more Resident Evil films.

Yikes, 15 more years of nonsensical zombie adventures? Well, not so much. Moszkowicz stated that the direction they are taking the films will constitute it being a "reboot," a move that mirrors game developer Capcom's approach to Resident Evil 7.

Yeah, these films aren't going anywhere

$1.2 billion over fifteen years is nothing to scoff at. In spite of their shaky quality, the Resident Evil films have made an unfathomably large amount of money, and there is no reason to completely abandon the film franchise just yet.

Capcom has no incentive to let it go extinct either. The films have proven to be Capcom's greatest marketing tool for its flagship franchise, and Milla Jovovich doing her thing on the big-screen every few years has introduced the series to at least two generations of gamers. Without these films, I doubt that Capcom would sell Resident Evil in the same millions of copies that it does now.

Nope, you are not safe, and this is far from over!