Resident Evil 7 hit its first DLC snag with the delayed launch of its free DLC expansion "Not a Hero." The development team at Capcom provided an explanation in a recent video announcement, but it did not provide a new release window.

The "Not a Hero" DLC was originally supposed to launch in spring 2017. The team says that the current build needs more work to be up to the standards of the main game's universally good praise.

"Not a Hero" brings back Resident Evil star Chris Redfield to the popular gaming universe and gives a new look at the longtime hero. Maybe we learn something a bit dark about him, like why he suddenly became a sad Call of Duty drop out in Resident Evil 6.

Gives me time to catch up, at least

So many games, so little time! Resident Evil 7 is pretty high on the list of games that I need to play from 2017. Geez, publishers, I get it! you finally figured out these consoles. Now, just let me relax for five minutes so I can explore Hyrule, wrap up my mission with post-apocalyptic androids, and bomb around as thieves in underground Tokyo. I don't have time for backwater zombies and Japanese gangsters at the moment.

"Not a Hero" launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC probably later in 2017. Resident Evil 7 is available for all three platforms now.