Capcom on Monday announced Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Thursday, May 24—and it’ll only be around $20. But there’s a major catch consumers need to know about.

The game will be streamed via the cloud, similar to services like PlayStation Now and GeForce Now. That severely limits the Switch’s portability, and it also raises questions over digital ownership.

In order to stream the title, users will need a solid internet connection, which means playing on an airplane will be next to impossible. To that end, the need of a internet connection will limit when and where Switch owners can play the title.

Not only that, but Switch owners will also be beholden to Capcom’s servers. If the servers go down, the $20 consumers paid for the game will be in Capcom’s pocket, with no way to access the game.

The good news is the title will likely be powered by a high-end PC, which means Switch owners should get the best possible Resident Evil 7 experience. Players will also have access to all the DLC, too, which is a pretty good value for $20.

Additionally, since the game is accessed via the cloud, it’ll take up virtually no space on the Switch—a small 45 MB download is all that’s required.

Capcom said the title will be available in Japan later this week, with no word on whether or not it’ll come to the U.S. With Capcom testing out the viability of streaming one of its most beloved titles, you have to wonder if this might start a trend on the Switch.

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