Resident Evil 7, Capcom’s upcoming refresh of their long-running survival horror series, will support cross-save across Xbox One and PC, Capcom confirmed this week.

After word came from Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki that cross-save would be part of Resident Evil 7‘s feature set between the Windows Store and Xbox One versions of the game, IGN was able to confirm with Capcom that that is indeed the case.

Here’s the thing. cross-save doesn’t make much sense for a full-price single-player game.

Is cross-buy coming?

Who is going to pick up Resident Evil 7 on PC and Xbox? That has led many, including us, to speculate that Resident Evil 7 might be the Xbox One’s first third-party cross-buy game. Xbox Play Anywhere has thus far been exclusive to Microsoft Studios titles, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t branch out further. IGN asked Capcom about the idea of cross-buy, Capcom would not confirm or deny that cross-buy might be coming.

While Resident Evil 7‘s marketing has largely focused on PlayStation 4, thanks in big part to the game’s currently PlayStation-exclusive VR mode, this would be big news for the Xbox Play Anywhere program and a nice feather in Microsoft’s cap as they look to cater to multi-platform gamers.

Resident Evil 7 hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017.