Capcom announced this week that Resident Evil 6 has shipped 4.5 million copies worldwide. While the substantial shipment doesn’t promise sales, it is a new initial shipment record for the company.

Sales numbers, of course, are yet to come, but in May Capcom projected 7 million sales of the newest entry in their survival horror series. The game is currently getting beaten up  in the news; a bad patch is breaking the PSN download and angry fans are tearing the game apart on Metacritic.

If the game hits that 7 million mark in spite of that, it’ll be the company’s best-selling title yet, surpassing Street Fighter II on SNES and Resident Evil 5 on Xbox360 and PlayStation 3, according to GamesIndustry International.

To see whether Resident Evil 6 is good enough to warrant the projected sales or if it deserves the beating it’s taking from press and fans alike, check out our review coming early next week.

[via GamesIndustry International]

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