In a sense, Resident Evil 6 is three games rolled into one. Hearing the complaints of longtime series fans, Capcom seems to have come up with a unique formula which has the potential to please just about anyone that has a love for this historic series. Resident Evil 6 stretches across three full-length campaigns which are said to run about six hours each. You'll have the choice of playing as returning heroes Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy or newcomer Jake.

Taking a buffet-style approach, Resident Evil 6 uses some of the franchise's best elements by offering three different styles of play. Leon's campaign is said to be reminiscent of old school survival horror and is described as a mashup between Resident Evil 1 and 2 with old fashion zombies chasing after you. While Chris' story has more of an action draw and feels a lot like Resident Evil 5. The wildcard of the bunch is the introduction of Albert Wesker's son Jake, whose campaign is best compared to Resident Evil 3. 

We were able to get some time with a demo of all three lead character's scenarios, which took us across the globe from real-life locations such as China and fictional towns like Tall Oaks. This definitely isn't your daddy's Resident Evil as the days of standing still while shooting are gone. In addition to being able to run and gun, each character has their very own unique inventory system which made for a nice touch.

In an effort to keep things spolier free, the game's stories don't seem to run too deep, but they remain loyal to the brand that Capcom has built. The AI was pretty sharp and the game's environments were robust and detailed. Capcom has been making Resident Evil games for over sixteen years and this upcoming installment seems to pay hommage to it's longstanding legacy.

While the demos were brief, we can almost guarantee a creepy action packed thrill ride from this title. The game's lead of quality assurance Sean Houlihan advised that the focus is to meet the modern needs of a growing audience while remaining loyal to the franchise's die-hard fanbase. We'll definitely be looking forward to the finished product this fall.

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