There is no crime against just simply playing a game a second time, but gamers these days need extra modes, unlockable characters, multiplayer, and branching story paths to even consider keeping their discs around, and for those gamers, Capcom’s got their backs.

Resident Evil 6 already sports the longest campaign in the series, clocking in at roughly thirty hours to complete. But after that, is there any incentive to return to Raccoon City once again?

The popular “Mercenaries” mode will make a strong return in Resident Evil 6, once again leaving the heroes and villains locked in a deadly battle of time management with the undead. Drop-in and drop-out multiplayer will also streamline the co-op gameplay introduced in Resident Evil 5‘s campaign.

Also making an overdue comeback, Leon’s evasive love interest Ada Wong returns to the series once again, and much like in Resident Evil 4, unlocking her also opens up an entirely separate single player campaign starring the sexy thief wielding her trademark crossbow and a fresh supply time bombs.

New to the fray though is a feature called “Agent Hunt” mode, obviously inspired by Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. Upon completion of the game, unlocking “Agent Hunt” opens the option of invading other player’s campaigns and controlling zombies to slow their progress. Seems like it could be a griefer’s heaven, but Capcom will most likely turn the option off for those not wanting to be disturbed. If not, unplugging the cord from my Internet jack worked just fine in Dark Souls.

So folks, that’s two additional modes, co-op options available for the campaign, and an entire bonus scenario starring an unlockable character. If that’s not incentive to stick around, I don’t know what is. Now we just to wait and see if the actual campaign is worthy of a heavy extras backing it up.

[via VG247]

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