I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve purchased Resident Evil 4. Let me count it out really quick.

I bought it on the GameCube when it was first released, and then again on the PlayStation 2 when it was revealed to have extra content. Then I bought it again after a friend convinced me the Wii controls made the game a blast, and I nabbed it once more in HD during last Halloween’s PlayStation Network sale.

Four times, and that’s about to become five. This is a new trailer showing off Resident Evil 4 played on a PC. Capcom is building the game up into native high definition, no more lazy upscaled ports, and the 60FPS give it a look that puts it in a class of its own. Resident Evil 4 HD for the PC is going to be the definitive version of this all time great.

I guess my only complaint is that Leon’s face looks a little creepy. Why does he look like a twelve-year-old?

Resident Evil 4 is a game I could play happily until the day I die and a game I might be happily dropping money on once every few years. Five times doesn’t seem like enough for the amount of enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it. If only Capcom and Shinji Mikami could get back together like in the old days, Resident Evil might be a series worth getting excited over again.

Resident Evil 4 HD will be released on Steam this Feb. 27.