Resident Evil 2 Gunshop Owner

Resident Evil 4 might without a doubt be the absolute pinnacle of its series, but man-oh-man do I have a lot of nostalgia for Resident Evil 2. The blocky character models, the goofy Canadian voice acting (sooorry about that, babe), the shivering zombies on the ground, the tank controls… okay scratch that last one. Any way you spin it, Resident Evil 2 is a classic video game that everyone should experience.

You’re in luck, too! Later this summer, Italian indie studio Invader Games will be releasing its unofficial Unreal Engine 4 remake titled Resident Evil 2 Reborn, making it more accessible than ever before. Let’s not forget to mention free, since, naturally, it can’t be sold for money. The team originally started with Unity, but it switched two years into development.

The two gameplay clips below show a decent look into the quality you can expect. Not bad for a small studio.

Now just to be clear here. No remake can truly supplant its original. If you want to experience Resident Evil 2, I suggest you do so authentically, not to mention legally, and pay Capcom for the ability to do so. The $5.99 on PSN is a lot less than we had to pay for back in the day, especially if you went the Nintendo 64 route. It’s a beloved classic for a reason, and the game holds up if you don’t mind a little challenge and those nagging tank controls.

If you do start with this remake, be sure to work your way backwards afterwards. That is, if Capcom doesn’t get it pulled first.