A group of researchers have allegedly managed to sneak malware onto Apple's iOS App Store, proving that no mobile store is safe. The app, called Jekyll, apparently had the ability to "transform," at first being disguised as small little segments that later manifested into malicious code after being downloaded. According to one of the researchers, the app slipped past Apple's security because it was coded to generate new behavior once installed.

The researchers didn't actually get any information from the public, and merely ran the attacks on themselves. But the point was to prove their method works, which is news enough to put Apple engineers on high alert. Apparently, researchers claim Apple only scanned Jekyll for a few seconds before giving it clearance. The app has since been deleted from the App Store by the researchers.

While the report was only just revealed, the experiment supposedly took place back in March. Luckily, researchers say Apple's app review process has been tweaked since then, though the Cupertino company isn't exactly keen on sharing what that process is. In comparison to Android, Apple's ecosystem is regarded as one of the more ironclad in the mobile market. But this bit of knowledge just goes to show that nothing is safe from malware. Ever.