dinosaur-sauronPaleontologists discovered what is believed to be a previously unknown dinosaur skull estimated at some 95 million-years-old. Its unique dome, according to researchers, is presumed to belong to a Carcharondontosaurid — a descendant of Allosaurus — but the difference being an extra bone fragment found in the braincase. So?

Since it’s a new species, researchers took to giving it a name: Sauron. The very same from The Lord of the Rings.

Sauron doesn’t look particularly menacing, and isn’t on par with something you’d find navigating in prehistoric seas. But its lore is now firmly cemented in not only the paleontology community, but popular culture. Watch out Velociraptor, Sauron is here to rule the land.

Researchers are still mostly stumped as to what the habits of the bipedal Sauroniops pachytholus were. Speculation pegs the dino at 30 feet in length, but otherwise little is known about the species, and why exactly it had such a prominent bump on its head. Maybe it had a larger than usual brain? The paleontologists, obviously, are hoping similar fossils are eventually dug up, in which we can hopefully learn more about the mysterious discovery.

Did Sauron wield an army of Orcs? Did he possess a ring that could turn creatures invisible?

[via io9]