blackberry-10-l-series-teaserWith the confirmation of a full-fledged BlackBerry 10 roll out early next year, Research In Motion is starting to tease what's to come. The company on Monday — perfectly timed on RIM's part, as the holiday season is in full swing — posted what is probably its all-touch L-Series, which we've seen plenty of over the past few months.

RIM only provides a small glimpse that reveals a premium textured back, a volume rocker, a camera lens and a power button — but it's certainly enough to start putting BlackBerry fans into overdrive. The company is holding a soirée on Jan. 30, 2013, which really isn't all that far away. I'd expect RIM to show a few more brief teases leading up to that date, just to remind consumers that it's still a major player in the mobile world.