Ash Shocked

Called out in front of the whole class. What a way to go…

During a State Department briefing to a group of reporters done by spokesperson John Kirby, someone was caught playing Pokémon GO. The briefing’s subject was ISIS, and the Pokémon perp was a reporter.

As you see in the quick clip above, Kirby stopped giving his statement as his eyes fell on a reporter. “You’re playing the Pokémon thing right there, aren’t you?”

The reporter simply said that he was “keeping an eye on it.”

Kirby finished his statement, and looked back at the reporter. “Did you get one?”

“No,” the reporter responded. “The signal’s not very good.”

Kirby should have taken his phone for the rest of the semester, you guys. Now all the other reporters know they can goof off and get away with it.