GeekWire compiled console sales data released from each of the three big manufacturers for 2011 and revealed that Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the best selling gaming machine of 2011, worldwide.

Nintendo reported 5.6 million Wiis sold, Sony reported 6.5 million PlayStation 3s sold and Microsoft reported 8.2 million Xbox 360s sold. Those sales results were for the United States alone.

On a worldwide level, Nintendo reported 10.33 million units sold, Sony reported 14.1 million units sold and Microsoft reported 14.9 million units sold.

GeekWire indicates that this is the first time Microsoft has lead the console race since 2006, when both the PlayStation 3 and Wii were just being released that fall. The site also points out that, while Sony and Microsoft are enjoying big surges in console sales, Nintendo is still roughly 30 million consoles sold ahead of its nearest hardware competitor for this generation.

Yes, the Wii was that huge when it first launched. It currently stands at roughly 95 million sold.

As for why the Xbox 360 has been performing so well? It's not necessarily the console exclusives, as Microsoft offered the least in this category with the biggest among them being Gears of War 3. It's more than likely the Kinect bundles that went on sale this holiday season that pushed Microsoft's hardware to the top. The company announced last year that the week surrounding Black Friday in 2011 was the Xbox 360's best sales week ever.

[via GeekWire]

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