Last summer AT&T caused quite a ruckus by saying it was doing away with its unlimited data plan for the iPhone.  While current subscribers were grandfathered in, any new customers had a choice of either one or two GBs a month, with the top tier costing $25.  Those that were grandfathered in were allowed to continue to pay $30 a month for their unlimited plan.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a source familiar with the matter says that Verizon will be offering a $30 a month unlimited plan when it launches the iPhone later this month, with an announcement coming this Tuesday.

This is in direct contradiction to what Verizon has been saying as of late that it felt that the days of unlimited data were coming to an end, but would there be any quicker way to lure over those people who might be on the fence about which carrier to choose for the highly desired handset?  Some analysts are projecting that Verizon will sell 12 million iPhones in its first year, so we’re not sure if they really need an extra lure, but this particular one could be the one to really draw some people in.

This would also probably paint AT&T into a corner and force them to bring back the unlimited plan, even if it was for a limited time with some sort of explanation of it being by popular demand.

We should find out everything on Tuesday, unless the scheduled press conference is for something else entirely, which we highly doubt.

What say you?  Will Verizon be offering unlimited data with its iPhone?  Is it a good idea?

To our regular readers, we apologize for the high number of Verizon iPhone news articles, but it seems that the information is coming out so fast that we just don’t have much choice.

[via The Wall Street Journal]