Another day, another next generation console rumor. This time around, Develop claims to have sources that say several of Sony's first party studios are developing games for the PlayStation 4.

Develop's sources would not say which of Sony's 16 first-party studios were working on games. They did, however, say that production for these titles was in the preliminary stages.

As there is no standard development time for games, potential news that studios are planning projects does not necessarily give the PlayStation 4 a rough launch window. That just means we have an opportunity to make a bold statement of our own.

You heard it here first; the PlayStation 4 (or whatever they call it) will launch sometime between tomorrow and the year 2030. We know, risky call on our parts, but we're feeling bold today.

This story comes literally a day after Develop outed a rumor that Microsoft would release the Xbox Next in 2013.

As we've made a conscious effort to remind readers with each of these posts, consider these pure rumor until proven otherwise by an official source. Both Sony and Microsoft have made statements that clarify the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as systems with 10 years of generation life in them. These recent rumors stand in contrast of those statements.

Thanks go to Christian for the tip!

[via Develop]