God of War IV is coming. It’s obvious at this point that Sony will be unveiling God of War IV soon. The next entry in this franchise has had a slew of rumors and teases slowly unearthing its existence for months.

Sony has recently been teasing something for tomorrow, April 19th. A splash page on their main site has the image you see at the head of this post on it. One NeoGAF user decided to look at the assets for the image a little closer. That’s when they figured out that Sony named the file something downright silly.

The name of that splash, as per the URL itself is “ps_gow-teaser_12371_hp.swf.” PS_GOW-TEASER. God of War teaser. Science, folks, get behind it.

We’re not surprised, and you shouldn’t be either. But this type of stuff just seems…odd. Internet users are a bit too smart for snafus like this one.

But, hey, God of War stuff tomorrow. Get pumped.

[via NeoGAF]

UPDATE: God of War: Ascension is now official.

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