Nokia Lumia 900When the Lumia 900 hits on April 8, AT&T and Nokia want you to know about it. Aside from the expected media blitz – and in order for the device to get as much as exposure as possible – Nokia reportedly shelled out $25 million to equip AT&T sales reps with a Lumia 900 of their very own. Sometimes good old fashioned word-of-mouth is the best way to hype something up, and it's a good move to educate sales staff about the differences between the old Windows Mobile operating system and Windows Phone. According to WPCentral, Nokia paid the sum in order for AT&T to designate the Lumia 900 as a "Company Use" phone, meaning employees can opt to use Nokia's flagship device free of charge. Apparently, over 80 percent of employees are expected to give up their current handset to participate in the Company Use program, which both AT&T and Nokia hope will result in higher sales. But it's not just sales AT&T is after. WPCentral says the wireless carrier wants to move away from its reputation as "the iPhone carrier," and it sees the Lumia 900 as the catalyst device to help achieve those goals. If that's the case, expect the same level of promotion we saw for the iPhone in 2007 to happen with the Lumia 900 in just a few short weeks.

[via WPCentral]