iPad 3 - No Home ButtonOne of the more persistent questions regarding tomorrow's iPad announcement is whether or not the device will come equipped with LTE. We're almost certain it'll have a better screen, upgraded camera and slightly redesigned rear shell. But is Apple ready to show its support for the relatively young next-gen network speeds? Recent rumors have been pointing to the affirmative, and a new report from Reuters on Tuesday suggests it will indeed come with LTE. Not only that, but "Apple's next iPad may be a 4G game changer."

An iPad with LTE , Reuters wrote, would present an enticing proposition for consumers who use their tablet predominately for video streaming. With speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G, LTE would offer a lag-free streaming experience and also allow users to load Web pages almost instantaneously.

Not only would the boost in speed be welcomed by consumers, but an iPad with LTE could potentially help telecom companies, too. If an iPad with the high-speed data winds up being a hit, consumers may just be tempted to pay the monthly fees associated with that. That's a win for carriers.

"It's going to dramatically improve video consumption," said UBS analyst John Hodulik. "This is the device people want. They want the fastest speed. They want high resolution."

So will the iPad come equipped with LTE? We can't say "Yes" with 100 percent certainty, but all the rumors seem to suggest that it will indeed become a reality tomorrow.

[via Reuters]