iPad 3 - No Home Button

We know we're beating a dead horse with this one, but a new report on Monday suggests (yet again) that Apple will announce an iPad 3 with a 4G LTE radio. Presumably, the device will offer support for AT&T's and Verizon's 4G LTE networks, which are actually a bit different. We've already heard that the iPad 3 will feature 4G LTE support — The Wall Street Journal reported on it earlier this year, but iMore is citing the same source that correctly pinned Apple's March 7th announcement date, so the new report does hold a bit of water. We're still not sure how Apple's going to support LTE in international countries, if it does at all, or what chip will be used that combines both quad-core functionality and an LTE radio. In any case, we'll know for sure in just two short days, and you can bet your winter jacket we'll be covering the news as fast as it breaks on Wednesday.

[via iMore]