You always can tell when we’re in the days leading up to an Apple event because the number of rumors of what will be announced picks up dramatically.  While nothing has been officially announced as of yet, tradition dictates that there will be an iPod event in Sept. to introduce this year’s models, and with that there may also be a new version of the Apple TV called iTV.  Doesn’t a new media device also need exciting new content?  Of course it does, and it looks like there may be an announcement about that also.

apple logoAccording to Bloombergs, Apple is in advanced talks with News Corp. (owner of the Fox Network), CBS and Disney Corp. (owner of ABC) about renting individual television episodes for 48 hours at a cost of $.99.  All of this is according to three unnamed sources who asked to remain anonymous due to the talks still being ongoing.  Of course, no one from Apple or any of the networks would comment on this news as none of the companies involved will comment on rumor and speculation.

The sources also confirmed the iPod Touch 4 will have a higher resolution screen like its bigger brother, the iPhone 4.  They also went on to confirm that the iTV is indeed real, and should be introduced at the iPod event scheduled for some time next month.

Even with “confirmations”, these still come from anonymous sources and of course should be taken with a grain of salt.  Rumors “confirmed” by anonymous sources leading up to Apple events in the past have been proven wrong, so it is not without precedent.

What say you?  Would you be interested in renting television episodes at $.99 each?